The Project on Medicine and the Holocaust


The Project on Medicine and the Holocaust is an international center involved in the research, teaching, service and advocacy of contemporary and historical issues arising from the role of medicine in the Holocaust.”

Possible source for coping, survivorship and reconcillation of HSR

survivorship transgenerational effects:


The project is constantly investigating various international print and online media, databases and archives for any information pertaining to medicine and its relationship with the Holocaust.
Ongoing Research Topics Include:

* Medicine in the Shadow of the Holocaust: The Relevance of the Holocaust for Contemporary Medicine and Public Health

* Medical and Psychological Care for Survivors
* Child Survivors
* Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma-Children & Grandchildren of Survivors
* Pyschology of Resilience and Resistors
* Pyschology of Rescuers and Bystanders
* Pyschology of Perpetrators

* Rabbinic Responsas on Medicine and the Holocaust
* Jewish Physicians and their Function in the Ghettos & Camps

* Medicalized Kiling and the Nazi Euthanasia Program
* The Role of Physicians, Nurses, and Public Health Professionals during the Holocaust
* The Role of Academic Medicine in the Third Reich
* The Role of Physicians in Sterilization Programs
* The Individual vs. the State in Medical Decision Making
* Military Medicine, Dual Loyalty and the Role of Physicians in War
* The Role of Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis in the Third Reich
* Medicine in the Weimar Republic

* Eugenics, Racial Hygiene, Social Darwinism and the Mentally Ill and Disabled- US, Britain & Germany
* The Nuremberg Doctors’ Trial
* Human Experimentation and the Use of its Data
* The Nuremberg Code and the Voluntary Informed Understanding Consent
* Public Health Practices in the Third Reich

* Genocides since the Holocaust and the Role of Medicine
* Appropriate Use of the Holocaust Analogy
* Teaching Medicine and the Holocaust”

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