“Hypersensitivity, Autoimmune, and Immune-mediated Diseases Study Section [HAI]”

“The Hypersensitivity, Autoimmune, and Immune-mediated [HAI] Diseases Study Section reviews applications from basic, pre-clinical, and clinical investigators, involving autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, hypersensitivity and allergic diseases, asthma, primary and secondary states of immunodeficiency syndrome (non-AIDS) and others diseases. Emphasis is on the etiology, initiation, immunopathophsiology, prevention and treatment of diseases in which the immune system (innate and adaptive) is the major contributor. Approaches include human studies, in vitro studies of patient material, animal models, and genomic and proteomic approaches to immune-mediated disease questions. Specific areas covered by HAI:

* Etiology of immune-mediated diseases
* Initiation of immune-mediated diseases
* Immunopathophysiology of immune-mediated diseases
* Identification of biomarkers for immune-mediated diseases
* Immune-mediated diseases arising as a consequence of aging.
* Treatment of immune-mediated diseases
* Prevention of immune-mediated diseases”


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