“Research on Integrity in Collaborative Research”

“This FOA issued by NCRR, FIC, NIBIB ORI and OHRP encourages research grant applications from institutions/organizations that propose to study research integrity as it relates to collaborative interactions and/or activities. The R21 exploratory/developmental mechanism will be used to foster research where there are few published data and where problem areas that would benefit from further investigation could be identified. Applications must address the influence of collaborative interactions and/or activities on research integrity in at least one of the following areas that are of particular interest to the ORI and NIH: the clarification of community norms and standards, the effectiveness of self-regulation, the societal, organizational, group, or individual factors that affect integrity in research, both positively and negatively, or the impacts of non-adherence to accepted codes of conduct. The proposed project must challenge existing paradigms, be developed around an innovative hypothesis or address critical barriers to progress in understanding the multiple factors that underlie deviation from integrity in collaborative research. Proposals must have clear relevance to biomedical, behavioral health sciences, or health services research. Applicants are encouraged to take into consideration problems or issues that have relevance to the specific interests of ORI or NIH Institutes and Centers.”

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