The problem with Russian Fireplaces

The problem for large themal masonry stoves for the novice builder is the airtight joints. A weak joint would leak monoxide. Russian fireplaces were horizontal in the middle of the room, the raised platform was to allow the family to sleep on a warm area.
The large thermal mass and longish flue allowed for extraction of heat from the flue gasses.
flue gas temp at exit would be 80 to 90 deg.
Loading with would be once or twice a day.
Korean underfloor heating, Ondol- a chimmeny does not have to be at the roofline,can be located at ground level a few feet from building. (draft compromise?)
sol. stone shell with sand infill, joint seam if leaky is smothered.
monoxide detector
huge them mass to store heat up to 2 days
very large door and firebox to avoid cutting wood too much-enough to accept huge logs,windfalls

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