Crumbling Infrastructure

I’m curious abut our current crumbling infrastructure, built during the Eisenhower days in relationship to old Roman road building. A few of those old roads still in use.

via munita:

” Surprisingly, the Autobahn is safer than U.S. highways.(a 28-inch-deep roadbed versus 11 inches in the U.S.) and better maintained”

Engineers build the US system for decades instead of centuries. This is the case for “overbuilding” infrastructure.

“The road to shingle recycling: recycled roofing shingles can make an ideal ingredient in hot mix asphalt pavements.”…-a092724924

I’m certian the use of asphalt shingles and recycling them into roads will put a dent in energy consumption.
—use thick metal or tin roofs, design houses with a steeper pitch.

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