A new kind of cash crop?


“Pomology (from Latin pomum (fruit) + -logy) is a branch of botany that studies and cultivates pome fruit, particularly from the genera Malus, Prunus and Pyrus belonging to the Rosaceae. The term is sometimes applied more broadly, to the cultivation of any type of fruit.”

What we should be wondering is why so many clinical trials would be under a site dedicated to fruit cultivation. Or why test subjects should be refered to as anything other than test subjects even indirectly. Behind these test subjects are real people not commodities, whose lives may have been radically affected by the research itself. Or the research participants who have been affected with the need for “confidentiality”. In many ways I see the research participants as being far more “socially shaped” than the subjects themselves. I don’t think the outcomes of the participants can be positive in the long run. Because of the nature of the research. Those negatives will be very apparant in the span of two or three decades.

Why? Because for a functioning society you just need positives to balance the negatives. I don’t feel that deceptive methodolgies are really that positive. Circumventing the Nurenberg Code is not a positive thing. This would be the reason for such offical silence.

The money involved in clinical research.

Because of stakeholder involvement in relation to test subjects it would be impossible to reform the apparatus unless the money dried up, maybe full public involvement.

It seems to me that those involved with the research system are stakeholders and they could’nt really resolve a conflict of intrest with out bias in their favor. Secrecy is key.

The more extreme research subjects could’nt really make an unbiased assessment of the system because of the very invasive nature of the research itself. An extreme example would be like asking some of those Jewish people at Nurenberg how they felt about the system while they were still in camp.
“The weapons are designed to affect the personality, perception, affective status, and consciousness of the individual against whom they are employed — all aspects of what it means to be human.”

So the machine continues to chug along.

respect for persons, belmont report:

“pomology research”

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