“The Mad Housers”


Neat ideas.

cogeneration of hot water and a series of golf cart batteries with a car engine retrofitted with two alternators.With the possiblity to add more alternators.

With the economic crisis we might just see more sites like this. Probable encounter with the community Unified Building Codes.

This brings us to the idea of Codes as an institution and the reasoning behind them vs the immediate needs of the homeless. Meta-are codes the cause of homelessness?

Public Health started in the early 1900s
resulting in the current building codes we see today.

“The focus of public health intervention is to improve health and quality of life through the prevention and treatment of disease and other physical and mental health conditions, through surveillance of cases and the promotion of healthy behaviors. Promotion of hand washing and breastfeeding, delivery of vaccinations, and distribution of condoms to control the spread of sexually transmitted diseases are examples of common public health measures.”

But because of these very interventions we could be economically encouraging homelessness.

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