The need for emprical and objective in “science”

“Still more intriguing, these worries cut across standard ideological lines. For reasons that focus more on social justice than human dignity, many progressives share cultural conservatives’ reservations about the implications of the powerful new biology. Yet in a century in which national power and prosperity will be determined partly by leadership in the life sciences, some reconciliation with the scientific prospects ahead will be required. That reconciliation will of necessity be a political process.”

No mention of “constitutional justice”, this really should come as no surprise.
Progressive bioethics was born out of the enlightenment movement and that created the Public Health institutions we see today.If you look at history its like watching a slow bomb going off, creating dependancies and the ethical situations we see today.

The problem is that pure science is almost impossible without the question of funding or outside influence of some sort or another.

My take on this problem in regard to resource depleation is to take the current data gleaned thus far and lay it all on the table..transparency and reform before the general public.

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