“Information Imperialism?”

“By the end of the year the US State department will spend $70 million on stealth communications technologies to enable activists to communicate beyond the reach of dictators according to a recent NYT article. Prototypes include a suitcase capable of quickly blanketing a region with a free wifi network, bluetooth devices that can silently share data, software that protects the anonymity of Chinese users, independent cellphone networks in Afghanistan, and underground buried cell phones on the border of North Korea for desperate phone calls to “freedom.””
-Savage Minds

If I were a dissdent in say, Egypt, I would pefer a ruggedized labtop with a very simple pluggable modem, in addition to a wifi connection. The idea is simpilicty and probably a lot of text but little or no graphic html to slow things down. Samizdat style.
What those people on the ground needed during the revolution was …hope and encouragement.

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