Beware of the media

“Neuro immune dysfunction syndrome” found at Wiki but deleated:
the strange deleation could have been avoided. One of the best arguments is presenting the opposite viewpoint and the thinking behind it.

Neuro-Immune Dysfunction Syndromes (NIDS):
“The Neuro-Immune Dysfunction Syndromes (NIDS) Coalition believes that both medical research and data (which shows an explosion in the number of children being diagnosed over the last two decades with Autism, PDD, ADD/ADHD, OCD, and other related disorders) firmly supports that autism and other related conditions are not developmental disorders but are the result of a disease process that is treatable. It is a mistake to classify this as autism because most of these children are fighting NIDS—a complex immune / complex viral disorder.”

In meta idea development always look at multiple sources and counterviewpoints.Try to use emperical science then shuck theories as needed.

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