Megaprospective cont.

“Those affected by Gulf War syndrome have struggled for many years to have their health problems recognised as something other than psychological. This has led to a large amount of bitter wrangling over funding for the care of sick veterans. Official opinion however has slowly begun to come around to the fact that veterans are suffering from physical illness as evidence from medical studies has grown.”
“Importantly, the committee concluded that Gulf War illnesses are almost certainly physical in nature, Dr. Golomb commenting that “Psychological stressors are inadequate to account for the excess illness seen.”

The problem is that psychosocial stressors become important in CFS when these stressors occur in relation to the other physical manifestations of CFS.Psychosocial stressors are a component of CFS.

A returning solider with PSTD and an autoimmune problem will have a mulitplyer effect when they lose a job or marital relationship.

Medical science tends to reduce illness to specifics so much they forget the larger picture.

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