” * In a culture where pessimism has metastasized like slow carcinoma, that crazy Irishman was backward enough to try to raise hopes, like hothouse flowers. In an era during which even judicious use of alcohol has been increasingly bad-rapped, the man who came to be known as The Mick of Time was backward enough to think that the world can look just that essential tad better when seen through a flask, brightly. (As long as you let someone else drive you home afterward.) Above all, he — and his goofball customers — believed that shared pain is lessened, and shared Joy increased.
Now he is gone. Gone back whence he came, and we are all the poorer for it. But I refuse to say that we will not see his like again. Or his love again.
o The Callahan Chronicals (1996) [originally published as Callahan and Company (1988)] “Backword”, p. xii”

“It took a couple of hundred million years to develop a thinking ape and you want a smart one in a lousy few hundred thousand? That lemming drive you’re talking about is there — but there’s another kind of drive, another kind of force that’s working a against it. Or else there wouldn’t still be any people and there wouldn’t be the words to have this conversation and—” She paused, looked down at herself. “And I wouldn’t be here to say them.”
-Spider Robinson

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