” The Health and Medical History of President John Kennedy “

I saw a History Channel show about JFK’s private life on mostly 8mm film. I got interested in his autoimmune disorders and how he compensated for these problems while still president.

Most presidents look visably haggard after four years in office.

Whats not mentioned in this article is the interplay of all those autoimmune problems and that chronic back problem..the other thing is how this would affect judgement and overall outlook.

“From a medical standpoint, Kennedy was a mess. For example, there is the simple fact that Kennedy was hospitalized more than three dozen times in his life [More] and given the last rites three times (see below).

Bumgarner provides an excellent short recap of Kennedy’s medical history [3a], although the new medical sources pioneered by Dallek [6] [7] are leaving it behind.”

Sidenote, Kennedy was able to take a trip abroad to Germeny in 1938 or so as an educational vacation-I wonder if theres any account of his observations?

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