Science in relation to….

“More than fifty percent of our economic growth since World War II is attributable to science and technology; this is the best investment our country has made.”
No mention of our old friend Oil.

In Frank Herbert’s Duniverse there is a shakey tripod of the State,Industry and Religen all fueled and driven by Spice.

In order to really understand science and progress we have to always look at science though a lens of that tripod in relation to the amount of resource available.

To simplify this-to really understand the methodology of our nation always take into account the power tripod in relation to Resource+Science.

3(T)+Resource+Science=current situation

Now if we try to add a multiplyer to the tripod in order to strengthen it we add more mass:
3(T)*M+Resource+Science=cur sit
Remember to mass things up in the tripod this takes even more resource so we reflect this,keeping in mind that resource really is finite.
(3(T)*M)+R(+2)+S(+1)=cur sit
This also reflects the amount of resource to beef up Science in order to mass up the tripod.

Also keep in mind that “R” is also reflective of all resource. Land avalibility for farming, food production capacity, fresh water,natural gas, coal,wood,minerals alt. energy.

The problem with 3(T) is that once power is gained it does’nt willing give up power and control.It will project more mass in order to sustain itself:
3(T)*2(M) consuming even more resource.

The danger is when 3(T) starts massing up without some form of checks and balences.The more mass the harder the fall.

The second danger is when one leg of the tripod is greater or lesser in length than the other two legs. This would destableize the tripod as a whole.

The third danger is always too much or too little science. And the relationship of Science to the Tripod.Pure objective logic is somewhat of a dumb thing. Without any Science our tripod would quickly stagnate.

Example the former Soviet Union a kind of fake tripod. The State subtituted itself for religen and industry. So the tripod was’nt really a tripod but a one legged stool. The Science went unchecked by real ethics. The Industry was state controlled so supply and demand was wonkey. Since Industry is inheriently greedy it seeks more efficent less costly means of distrobution.

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