The elMundo-

Exploring the ways that cargo/electrically assisted bikes are still impractacle.
1) The bike trails would be the safest way of getting accross Wichita but it would be technically illeagal to use the electric motor while doing so.
1A-we have a problem with east/west trails in Wichita
1B-It is technically illeagal to ride a bike on the sidewalk,although you probably could do that if you used some common sense around pedestrians.
1C-I would perfer to not ride around cars on the busy streets in Wichita because of the safety issue.Some of the lesser traveled streets are ok though.
2) The price.
3) The Winter, getting accross town during the winter with the usual cargo:
children/groceries would be nearly immpossible. All of the above issues would be magnified because of snow and ice.

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