“The pornography of medicine”

“Porn again: there’s a fetish for everyone. Some docs get off on intima thickening, I guess, so there will be studies to satisfy, though the benefit to the patient is far from obvious. I’m not saying there’s no value in a study comparing, for example, all antipsychotics for efficacy in a convoluted paradigm only a fetishist would understand or care about; I’m simply saying there isn’t $60M in value there. If you’re actually paying for porn, well, you’re an addict.

“don’t expect too much”

“Working behind closed doors when the dire consequences of good-old-boy networks and the epidemic stealth have created palpable negative consequences. Carrying the standard of biology and neuroscience at a time when they need to make room for some other flags. They’ve ignored the wind-sock that should’ve alerted them to the backlash they were walking into.”

TMAP on trial:


“The STAR*D Scandal: A New Paper Sums It All Up”

stimulating pornography from
Wichita Kansas:


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