Campus Crusade for Cthulhu

” Bored by an ordinary, nothing life? One of Our Devotees

Searching for excitement, power? Seeking a higher cause, one worthy of your very life?

The Campus Crusade for Cthulhu offers all this, AND MORE!

How does Tall, Green, and Slimey sound to you? Pretty scarey. But you can handle it. You will have to learn how to. You will learn to yearn for the soft squeezing caress of undulating tentacles. Or you will be eternally sorry that you did not.

Think that you are searching for meaning still? Well, search no more! We have found you. Soon, when you expect it least, our agents will contact you. Soon you will not have to worry about anything. Ever. Again.

We know more about you than you can ever learn about us. And who are we?

We are both the oldest and the newest college organization in existence. We are sponsored by the ancient Cthulhu Cult, which predates all history. Before the United States of America, before ancient Greece, before Atlantis. Before the first Illuminati attempts at world conquest our tentacles had an unbreakable grip upon the entire Earth. We have never let go.”

“undulating tentacles”:

Chthulhu Plush:
“The Doom that Came to ThinkGeek

* Straight from the sunken city of R’lyeh
* Hug it, love it, play with it
* Just don’t make it mad – that would be very bad indeed”
Dimensions: Approx. 6″ tall with a 6″ wing span.

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