bicycle handlebars-upright riding

The problem with putting Albatross Bars on a modern mountain bike- one of the newer compact frames is that it becomes “twitchy”. Subject to the slightest pressure left or right.

You can flip the bars to counteract this or make some intentional weight up front-this has worked for me with Surly straight forks.

The traditional approach (French) is to shorten the width of the bars.

The other approach is to go wide and way back like this:

This could work with modern frames with staight forks-provided there is intentional weight over the front wheel.

-note about a 7 degree downward angle on the bars in both instances.
-note(2) you can go narrow but not so far back-the bar would end up affecting knee motion if they were too low, with urbane riding it seems that there are many quick snappy turns.

Post WW2 France experienced a material/resource shortage this created a climate among bicycle manufactures to create good all around bikes-this could have been the Golden Age of Bicycles or at least a high point.
(velo orange)

how to intersect the functionality of Amersterdam bikes with the “all roundedness of the 50s French bikes” using current modern offerings?

Amsterdam Heavy-

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