“How secrecy in medical research harms our health”


Four percent of the US population are currently enrolled in clinical trials.

“Needed:Critical Thinking About Psychiatric Medications”
David Cohen Phd

Highlights, covers the idea of “thereputic” and “adverse” events who/how this is viewed.

Highlights2…””Fully a quarter of the population is implied to be genetically deficient with “diagnosable” or “treatable disorders (Mental Health,1999).””

The Stranglers-Genetix
“The first law of Segregation
States that any gamete male
Or female can carry the
Determinant gene of only one
Pair of alternative characteristics.
The second law of free assortment
States that in a cross involving
One pair of alternative characteristics,
The characteristics will segregate
In the second filial generation,
In the relative proportions of
9, 3, 3, 1”

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