“Will Another Study on Physician Burnout Finally Lead to Addressing its Causes?”

“Our first crude research suggested that physicians’ angst was due to perceived threats to their core values, and that these threats arose from the issues this blog discusses: concentration and abuse of power, bad governance and leadership of health care organizations, and the rise of various dishonest and unethical practices that affect physicians. We have found hundreds of cases and anecdotes supporting this viewpoint.”


“And this Archipelago crisscrossed and patterned that other
country within which it was located, like a gigantic patchwork,
cutting into its cities, hovering over its streets. Yet there were
many who did not even guess at its presence and many, many
others who had heard something vague. And only those who had
been there knew the whole truth.

But, as though stricken dumb on the islands of the Archipelago,
they kept their silence. “

“The military application of neuroscience research”
Bulletin of Atomic Scientists:

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