“The Proliferation of Cute: a Review of March of the Penguins and Happy Feet”

from Big Dead Place:
“I will here illustrate some of the potential cutations that await us in the decades to come:

1) There are low-tech methods available that do not require the intervention of laboratories and NSF funds. “

some surgical interventions required to facilitate projected cutations


Burying the Finn’s Tooth
“In the overt Antarctic tradition of international cooperation, we will plant this Finn’s wisdom tooth at 90 degrees South, in symbolic hope that wisdom may one day grow on this desolate and absurd continent, and that the entire polar plateau may one day be filled with endless rows of the disinfected teeth of insane Scandinavians, Mongols, Slavs, and our other friends from around the world.

So mote be it. Let us bury the tooth.”

big dead place gets an interview from Modern Drunkard Magazine:
“Soused At The South Pole:

Big Dead Place:

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