the homeless question

Homelessness is an induced problem,so the real answer to homelessness is the why question.

I present the mad housers and the problems that come up when they present their very simple solutions to homelessness.

The why question is this: who stands to profit the most from homelessness?

Have we evolved from being subjects of a King or Fiefdom or is that really part of an illusion?

does deconstrucion reveal…a regression?

that question again-who stands to make the most profit from homelessness?

“(1) supportive services coupled with permanent housing, particularly when combined with effective discharge from institutions, especially mental hospitals; “

Wait, I thought deinstitutionalization started in 1963, where has HUD been?

Now what solution for the homelessness is cheaper-the HUD approach or the Mad Houser approach?
(with land ownership)

Lastly this:

interp.: Narcissus and Echo are not the problem-that’s a controlled situation with predictive results but the viewer of the painting being intimidated by Nemisis really is part of the problem.

Modern Nemisis:
General Zod gives us a multiple choice

General Zod on intimidation:

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