More Pulp Fiction

“They go on to discuss what is good or bad in writing. Socrates tells a brief legend, critically commenting on the gift of writing from the Egyptian god Theuth to King Thamus, who was to disperse Theuth’s gifts to the people of Egypt. After Theuth remarks on his discovery of writing as a remedy for the memory, Thamus responds that its true effects are likely to be the opposite; it is a remedy for reminding, not remembering, he says, with the appearance but not the reality of wisdom. Future generations will hear much without being properly taught, and will appear wise but not be so, making them difficult to get along with.[Note 51]

No written instructions for an art can yield results clear or certain, Socrates states, but rather can only remind those that already know what writing is about.[Note 52] Furthermore, writings are silent; they cannot speak, answer questions, or come to their own defense.[Note 53]

Accordingly, the legitimate sister of this is, in fact, dialectic; it is the living, breathing discourse of one who knows, of which the written word can only be called an image.[Note 54]The one who knows uses the art of dialectic rather than writing:”

“Pulp fiction” with an emphasis on self determination and autonomy.

In some other areas we can think of
the future of neurotechnology in a more streamlined manner.We are aware that this is fiction. But an informative dielectic that imparts the potential ethics of autonomy and self determination- no block grants needed here:

“Language is a virus”

In polite company we say what the doctors do here is “trama based” not “terror” otherwise our self image might portend “barbarian”:

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