“PhRMA Statement on Clinical Trials and Bad Pharma”


Emergency measures:

I present the Ilyushin Il-86:

“The configuration of heavy jet aircraft was a politically sensitive issue in the USSR. Aircraft designer Leonid Selyakov[29] states this of the underwing-engine US-pioneered layout which gradually became standard for jet airliners: “The configuration of the В-47, taken on strength by the US Air Force … brought forth a veritable storm of critical opinions from [Soviet] aviation scientists. Responsible TsAGI officials and industry leaders robustly called that aircraft ‘utter nonsense’ (similar opinions were expressed of the Boeing 747).”

Similar controversies were known in Western aeronautical circles[30] but typified Soviet dogmatism which held that problems had immutable, “scientifically-correct” solutions.[31]”

All Trials Registered. All Results Reported

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