The new cure for cancer

Why Did DSM 5 Botch Somatic Symptom Disorder?
A closed process, tunnel vision, and time pressure.
Published on February 5, 2013 by Allen J. Frances, M.D. in Saving Normal

“This is the third in a series of blogs on the trouble caused by DSM 5’s mishandling of the boundary between medical and mental illness.”

Truth in adervertising:

“1. Why are these people ill? 2. Why is their chest hollow? 3. Their eyes dull?”

answer a “Somatic Symptom Disorder”

Jingle Hell
The diabolical geniuses behind Subway’s “five-dollar foot-long” song.

By Seth Stevenson

“””We didn’t want any blabbing,” say Jerry Cronin and Jamie Mambro of MMB. “It was just, let’s see how many times we can say ‘five dollar foot-long.’ Let’s mention it as many times as possible without making someone hurt us. We wanted to make sure no one would miss the message.” They quickly realized the best way to accomplish that goal (barring an embrace of the controversial “HeadOn: Apply directly to the forehead” method) was to embed the phrase in a jingle.””

PRC-First Five Year Plan:

Mao Pop:
“Under the political clampdown after the Tiananmen Incident (1989), many avant-garde artists felt hampered to express their socially critical side. Painting with a cynical attitude, they recycled images from propaganda posters and from the Cultural Revolution in their works. Mao Zedong became a frequent and favored subject of what came to be named Political Pop, or Mao Pop. The phenomenon echoed the sudden enthusiasm for Mao relics and Cultural Revolution songs (set to a discobeat) in Chinese society.”

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