“Prescription-only Homicide and Violence”

David Healy
“RCTs do more harm than this. Here you see S6 a doctor and a pilot. Both report on adverse events. When a pilot reports a near miss or a problem she is believed – things change on the basis of her report. When a doctor reports on a near miss or a problem this is regarded as an anecdote and is discarded. Nobody pays heed to what the doctor says because clinical trials have persuaded everyone that you cannot believe the evidence of patients or doctors eyes.”


“But there is an even more profound problem (S7). Any of you who are waiting for Health Canada, FDA or academics to agree that a drug has caused a problem will be waiting forever. The response from companies and regulators to thalidomide was that how do we know that it’s not preventing spontaneous miscarriages so that these children who wouldn’t have been born if their mother hadn’t been on the drug are now being born. They did not concede the obvious – that the drug was causing the problem.”


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