“Drug study recruiting at U of M questioned”

* Article by: JEREMY OLSON , Star Tribune
* Updated: February 27, 2013 – 10:07 AM
“Mentally ill patients’ consent is at the center of the controversy.”
“A University of Minnesota ethics professor is asking for an investigation into drug study recruiting at the school and raising questions about whether mentally ill patients have been rubber-stamped into research.

The professor, Carl Elliott, says he has obtained consent documents for two separate schizophrenic patients that appear to be exact copies — not just in the subjects’ apparent replies, but in the positions of the lettering on the pages.”


“Has the Department of Psychiatry been faking research subject records? New evidence comes to light.”
From Fear and Loathing in Bioethics:
“Two weeks ago, I posted about a curiosity in the medical file of Dan Markingson. University officials have repeatedly argued that Markingson was fully competent to give his informed consent to the study, pointing to an “evaluation to consent” form located in his chart. According to this form, which was signed and initialed by Jean Kenney, Markingson had given rational, informed answers to all of the questions he had been asked before he gave informed consent. The curiosity was that Markingson’s file actually contained two slightly different versions of the same form (here and here.) I asked readers to help me figure out what could account for the differences.

This request produced a startling response. Within hours, several people had posted on Facebook and written by email to say that the charts of their family members contained exactly the same “evaluation to consent” form. Today, one family has agreed to let me post the form that was given to them by the Department of Psychiatry.”

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