“Continuing stinks out of University of Minnesota Psychiatry: If it looks like it, smells like it and sounds like it, at least it deserves an inquiry…”

Saturday, 2 March 2013
Christian Munthe-Philosophical Comment

All Trials Registered. All Results Reported

Alternately we could just stick with our tried and true current system:

rich and fertile:
“Our gut-feeling is that the Chief Legal Officer pre-prepares go-to-market business cases. Adaptive, phased and goal-based customer centricities interact with a genuine and/or game-changing cornerstone. As a result, the strategy formulations aggregate a respect. We must activate the matrix to envision the best-in-class, traceable and far-reaching benefits. Our future core meetings deepen our granular bottom lines. We need to facilitate structural industries. A well-defined, bullet-proof and top-level self-awareness motivates the gatekeeper; nevertheless the group drives a streamlined competitive advantage. Pursuing this route will enable us to swiftly empower the efficient evolutions. As a result, the enablers streamline prioritizing missions.”

“If we could only create the conditions for more re$earch volunteer$….”

“The Ethicator: Should I accept money for referrals?”

” Dear Ethicator,

I am a psychiatrist, and I have a deeply fulfilling relationship with a contract research company. Whenever I send them a schizophrenic patient for one of their research studies, they send me a referral fee. Win-win, right? I score some coin for my kids’ college funds, and my patients get a 3 week vacation on a locked ward with cable TV. (Okay, they have to test unapproved drugs and wear a rectal sensor, but those things are not as uncomfortable as people say they are.) Problem is, there have apparently been some “adverse events” in these studies, whatever that means, and I am worried that the trial lawyers may claim that these referral fees are a conflict of interest. So my question for you is: how do I resolve my conflict of interest so that I can keep taking the money?”
from “White Coat, Black Hat Adventures on the Dark Side of Medicine-Carl Elliott “. blog

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