“Pharma & CROs involved in India trial deaths & compensation”

from “Change Order”-Nick Taylor

Remember these are just the cases that got covered, think of how many go under the radar:

“The Mild Torture Economy” Carl Elliott from London Review of Books

“The last few years haven’t been the best for the business of medical research. There was the Sanofi-Aventis researcher in California who was arrested waving a loaded handgun; police found a package of cocaine stuffed in his underwear. There was the psychiatric researcher in Oklahoma City whose medical licence was suspended after he infected two patients with genital herpes, and who was investigated by the FDA after he barred a research subject from leaving his clinical trial facility. In Miami, investigative reporters for Bloomberg Markets magazine discovered that a contract research organisation called SFBC International was testing drugs on undocumented immigrants in a rundown motel; since that report, the motel has been demolished for fire and safety violations. Several pharmaceutical companies have been caught up in controversial cases of suicide, such as that of Dan Markingson, a young man who stabbed himself to death while taking Seroquel in an AstraZeneca trial at the University of Minnesota, and Traci Johnson, who hanged herself in a study of Cymbalta at the Eli Lilly trial site in Indianapolis.”

“SFBC Threatens Human Drug Testers for Exposing Risks (Update1)”
By Michael Smith and David Evans – November 16, 2005 13:03 EST Bloomberg News

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