“Our brains, and how they’re not as simple as we think”

“Neuroscience has entered the public consciousness, and changed the way we talk about ourselves. But much of what passes as knowledge is inaccurate”
# The Observer, Saturday 2 March 2013
Vaughan Bell

note-danger in using “neurofolklore”

“The history of the birth of neuroculture”
from mindhacks-
“Many of the leading psychologists and psychiatrists of the time were on the payroll and much of the military top brass was involved. As a result, the idea that specific aspects of the self could be selectively manipulated through the brain became common among the military elite.”

Emerging Cognitive Neuroscience and Related Technologies (2008)
Air Force Studies Board (AFSB)
Board on Behavioral, Cognitive, and Sensory Sciences

So if the pharmachological narritive was wrong, imagine how this technology could go wrong without honest science.

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