“problem, synthesis….solution”

“a lot better than that…”
1BOM Posted on Saturday 16 March 2013
“But my second reason was that she was the last patient of the busy morning, and on the way home I was thinking about the DSM-5 and the things I write about here. What was her diagnosis? I’d say “that patient who still felt like an ugly duckling even when she became something of a swan” – maybe I’d add “who was still looking for that-look-that-says-’cherished’ that her mother couldn’t or didn’t give her” – maybe I’d say something about “the destructive power of envy.” I’m making things up here just to make the simple point that I can’t think of any way to fit her into the DSM framework. Is that Major Depressive Disorder? Minor Major Depressive Disorder? Treatment Resistant Depression? Adjustment Reaction of Adult Life? Normal with Unhappy Features? Where I work is a free clinic for the uninsured, but what if I had to code an insurance form? What would I put? And should psychiatrists even treat such people [neoKraepelinian Tenet #6. the focus of psychiatric physicians should be on the biological aspects of illness]? No answers will be coming from me. I don’t much like the questions.”

So we if used the DSM-5, we could use polypharmacy to create the ripe conditions for a major psychosis-that is creating a cerebal imbalence that leads spins into abberant behavior.
see the Jasper schematic:

and this is how to create a patient for life, there is plenty of political pressure to force fit a created diagnosis as well:

And here we’re gonna talk about fear but not adverse reactions or clinical trials or community engagement:


“Our position is firmly entrenched.”

And this is how to turn a swan into an ugly duckling, because of an ostrich.

“The timeless and elagent flightless beauty of the ostrich-the underappreciated noble and inspirational bird!”

False diagnosis due to iatrogenically induced illness for the purpose of subject recuitment/concealment could have far reaching effect on the legal system, the logical conclusion to this on the negative?

“It would have been impossible to carry out this hygienic purg-
ing, especially under wartime conditions, if they had had to
follow outdated legal processes and normal judicial procedures.
And so an entirely new form was adopted: extrajudicial reprisal,
and this thankless job was self-sacrificingly assumed by the Che-
ka, the Sentinel of the Revolution, which was the only punitive
organ in human history that combined in one set of hands in-
vestigation, arrest, interrogation, prosecution, trial, and execu-
tion of the verdict. “

The Gulag Archipelago
by Aleksandr L Solzhenitsyn

The specific terminology for this is liability protection for the institutions not the subjects:

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