“The origens of coiercion in assertive community treatment”

“The autonomy and independence enjoyed by physicians also precluded any legal or informal barriers that might have been imposed against the introduction of novel therepies whose effectiveness was questionable..The receptivity toward therputic innovation was understandable.”

author-Tomi Gomory,Ph.D.

“Thereputic Innovation” takes on another meaning when you have this:
(last para)

“Neuroethics is a brand new field. The modern use of the term was coined by William Safire, of all people, in The New York Times, who is on the board of the Dana Foundation and is very interested in issues of the brain. Neuroethics is a field that looks at emerging technologies and their relation to the brain. In Europe, the term has been used to refer to the clinical care of people with strokes and other neuropathologies. In the United States, it has come to mean something different. Here is the technical definition, which I wrote for the Encyclopedia of Bioethics: “The field of neuroethics involves the analysis of, and remedial recommendations for, the ethical challenges posed by chemical, organic, and electro-mechanical interventions in the brain” (Wolpe, 2004.).”
“Emerging Technologies and Ethical Issues In Engineering”-National Acadomies Press

Now it would’nt do to quote this without the obligatory neurofolkloresqe flashy, glossy neurophrenology pic:

filed under extrajudical therepy, lack of a grand jury, trauma as therepy, avoidence of institutional liability,lack of agency

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