“The Little Psikhushka on the Prairie (metastatic)”

“I’m looking for the joke with a microscope”-Repo Man,Iggy Pop
Answer-try a macroscope that can double as a microscope,one with a very flexible aperture.

“One of the central themes of the postmodern critique of our values is that aesthitics must trump truth as long as aesthitics remains undefined. That’s the semiotic conundrum, why psychiatry is politics: the truth is demanded only when it supports a preset ideology”
The Last Psychiatrist:

TLP’s position seems to be that it is inevitable that we’ll all become batteries in the Matrix in one form or another (or to create more batteries).
I would counter with all things including governance will suffer the biologic paradgim of lifecycles. Ponzi schemes work until discovery. In certain overlaps of institutions the greater power’s agenda will overwhelm the weaker institution’s original purpose. The greater the overlap the more comic the subsumming of the emprical/objective. Rome branched out it’s electrical grid until utter burnout and the Dark Ages ensued. There is a certain gallows irony that the cradle of Western Thought , Greece is figuratively burning.Holding the center will be increasingly maintained with very subjective and questionable…bullyism.

“any dissenters?”

from “Storm of the Century”

note the plot, not the specific

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