“”Some days I feel like I’m lost in a fun house with mirrors distorting everything beyond belief””

“There was one response from Paquette that was particularly disturbing, given that he should be very familiar with this trial. Regarding Dan Markingson’s competency, Paquette tried to assure me that “the Court” had declared Dan competent to consent to this trial and had agreed to Dan’s participation. I countered that David Pettit, the case manager, didn’t even see Dan until 10/26/03, five days after he was enrolled on the trial. Surprisingly, Paquette reiterated it wasn’t Pettit, that “the Court had agreed to Dan’s participation.”

” Neuroscience, Ethics, and National Security: The State of the Art”
“To pursue cognitive neuroscience research, the Pentagon’s science agency, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), received about US$240 million for the fiscal year of 2011, while the Army trails at US$55 million, the Navy at US$34 million, and the Air Force at US$24 million”
This essay even touches on neurofolklore:
“The military establishment’s interest in understanding, developing, and exploiting neuroscience generates a tension in its relationship with science: the goals of national security and the goals of science may conflict. The latter employs rigorous standards of validation in the expansion of knowledge, while the former depends on the most promising deployable solutions for the defense of the nation. As a result, the exciting potential of high-tech developments on the horizon may be overhyped, misunderstood, or worse: they could be deployed before sufficiently validated.”
-Tennison, Moreno-an Essay-PLOS Biology
“Often the true self is so hidden from the narcissist, that all s/he can do is desperately seek validation for the false self.”
“Narcissistic Personality Types

What is a narcissist?”

“Some days I feel like I’m lost in a fun house with mirrors distorting everything beyond belief”-Judy Stone
Eno/Fripp No Pussyfooting


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