“Healy D (1999). Clinical trials and legal jeopardy. Bulletin of Medical Ethics “


Summation-RCT data being spun-some of the legal rammifications that could result, including the medical proffession’s loss of cred.

Prozac induced sympt. blaming the mental illness not the drug for adverse events

Healy D (2001). Psychopharmacology and the Government of the Self.
sum. our drug culture and how this came to be how this affects us all on a social level
-in 2013 we seem to have become a RCT culture as well, with America being the most researched country in the world-

“Shadow Dance: is alcohol safer and more effective than SSRIs?” -Healy
sum.How to market alchol as an antidepressant

“When patients have an adverse effect on alcohol, such as a convulsion, we can dismiss this as anecdotal – not evidence based. In contrast, we can write up any dramatic improvement on alcohol during its early period on the market in both the academic and mainstream media, even featuring it on television and radio, under headings like “alcohol saved my life”.”

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