A perfectly functional couple

The Narrator and Marla singer arguing over the various support groups:
“Narrator: I’ll tell you: we’ll split up the week, okay? You take lymphoma, and tuberculosis…

Marla Singer: You take tuberculosis. My smoking doesn’t go over at all.

Narrator: Okay, good, fine. Testicular cancer should be no contest, I think.

Marla Singer: Well, technically, I have more of a right to be there than you. You still have your balls.

Narrator: You’re kidding.

Marla Singer: I don’t know… am I?

Narrator: No, no! What do you want?

Marla Singer: I’ll take the parasites.

Narrator: You can’t have both the parasites, but while you take the blood parasites…

Marla Singer: I want brain parasites.

Narrator: I’ll take the blood parasites. But I’m gonna take the organic brain dementia, okay?

Marla Singer: I want that.

Narrator: You can’t have the whole brain, that’s…

Marla Singer: So far you have four, I only have two!

Narrator: Okay. Take both the parasites. They’re yours. Now we both have three…

Marla Singer: So, we each have three… that’s six. What about the seventh day? I want ascending bowel cancer.

Narrator: [Narrating] The girl had done her homework.

Narrator: No. No, I WANT bowel cancer.

[the clerk gives them both a weird look]

Marla Singer: That’s your favorite too? Tried to slip it by me, eh? ”
From “Fight Club”

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