“April Fool in Harlow: Anecdote Fishing in Harlow”

April 1, 2013 -David Healy
“When you catch a fish you know what you’ve got. In contrast we don’t know what clinical trials can do to data. For instance, when the SSRI trials began first, it is quite possible that companies didn’t know they could hide suicides and suicidal acts by selecting the right patients. Every time both a drug and the illness it treats produce the same problem, whether heart attack, homicide or diabetes, clinical trials risk hiding a drug induced problem rather than revealing it.”

” hearing voices…”
“And as we well know, the coming of clinical trials introduced a black box process that, in spite of all the rules and regulations of the clinical trial technology, offered an almost infinite array of ways that the results could be misrepresented – a domain of epidemic white lies.”

hearing voices…

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