“MONITOR: Los Angeles art punks, 1980”

“MONITOR was a short-lived Los Angeles art punk band that first performed on Halloween 1978. The group was part the experimental transmedia micro-scene of “Associated Skull Bands” like Nervous Gender, Human Hands, BPeople, and Boyd Rice’s NON. Through the mail art network, MONITOR connected with DEVO pal Ed Barger who recorded MONITOR’s self-titled LP in 1980. Writing for the Los Angeles Reader, Matt Groening (yes, that Matt Groening) said in 1981 that “MONITOR’s debut album, a compendium of mutant amplified folk tunes is the best local release I’ve heard all year.” Now, Superior Viaduct records has reissued that LP on CD with additional bonus tracks. Special note: the track “Hair” on the album was actually performed by The Meat Puppets at MONITOR’s invitation. MONITOR: s/t CD”

David Pescovitz at 8:53 am Thu, Apr 4-Boing Boing

“An errant project of suburban Los Angeles art collective World Imitation Productions, MONITOR was the sonic outlet of four young artists grappling with their terror and amazement in the convergence of the late 1970s punk scene and Southern California’s consumerist decadence.

As with the collective’s visual artwork and events, MONITOR blends archaic influences with modern technology into one of the era’s most curious albums. Eerie synthesizer, menacing guitar leads and morose vocal chants make “In Terrae Interium” an evocative ballad of paranoia.”
Track Listing:

1. We Get Messages
2. Mokele-Mbembe
3. In Terrae Interium
4. Herb Lane Theme
5. Amphibious
6. Pavilion
7. Phosphorea
8. Hair (performed by The Meat Puppets)
9. I Saw Dead Jim’Shade
10. Beak (Bonus)
11. Pet Wedding (Bonus)
12. Guardian (Bonus)

“We get messages:Monitor-Superior Viaduct”

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