I think this wiki on NeuroEthics better addresses some of the issues that should be addressed:

“Neuropsychoanalytic Bioethics”-Harold Braswella
preview of abstract
“This article lays the foundation for a neuropsychoanalytic approach to bioethics. This approach bases bioethical research and practice on a psychoanalytic conception of subjectivity. According to such a conception, the individual is characterized by intra- and intersubjective conflict, much of which occurs outside of consciousness. The goal of psychoanalysis is to bring these unconscious conflicts into awareness, thus freeing the individual to make richer and more fulfilling decisions. I argue that there is robust neuroscientific evidence supporting this model of subjectivity, as well as fundamental psychoanalytic concepts such as conflict, transference, and compromise; neuroscientific evidence also explains, as well as confirms, the efficacy of dynamic psychotherapy in reconfiguring existing neural networks. As a result, a neurologically sound bioethics must take psychoanalysis seriously. Basing bioethics on this neuropsychoanalytic foundation will require changes to key bioethical concepts and will reorient the field toward the goal of promoting—as opposed to protecting—autonomy. These changes will produce a bioethics that is more theoretically consistent and practically effective.”


“DIY mobile EEG – real-time tracking in the store”
Mar 9th, 2012 by tzramsoy-BrainEthics

Training a Skeptical Eye on Neuroscience
By Syd M. Johnson
November 03, 2009 Dana Foundation-

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