“12 Million Americans Believe Lizard People Run Our Country”-The Atlantic
Philip Bump Apr 2, 2013

I find the decision making processes of some bodies like the APA or local IRBs to be alien but no lizard people.

Here we can observe a local IRB er…basking in all the grant and industry money.
“These are business suits!”

The $weaty hygiene of an all rubber suit must be truly uncomfortable.

Your first assingment as a Xeno Psychologist is to try and understand the “ethical considerations” of the institutional review process of clincal research design by these guys:
You may chose to munch on popcorn during this show.Bottled water…anyone?

In our last slide-here we can observe an ethical xeno board member about to make an ethical xeno decision:

“No $weat here!”

12 million believe in lizard overlords but there are 15 million
in clinical trials. Some of which have really dubious criteria in the trial designs.

photos by wikimedia

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