“Response to Television Show Depicting Illegal Pesticide Human Study”

“In February 2006 EPA issued a tough new regulation governing human testing for pesticides by pesticide companies and other parties not affiliated with the government. Our rule put in place the nation’s strongest protections for subjects in third-party research, including:

* A prohibition against research involving intentional dosing of pregnant women, nursing women, or children;
* A prohibition against EPA relying on such testing in its decisions under the pesticide laws; and
* A requirement that all new intentional dosing human studies on non-pregnant, non-nursing adults be reviewed by EPA and a panel of independent experts for ethical and scientific acceptability.”

“Protections for Subjects in Human Subjects Research with Pesticides”

“Closing Loopholes in the Federal Research Regulations: Some Practical Problems”
David B. Resnik, JD, PhD

*How many subjects of research injury end up with mental illness?

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