“Double Jeopardy: Crime and China’s Communist Party”

May 30, 2012, 3:53 PM By Stanley Lubman-Wall Street Journal-China Real Time Report
“Sapio adds that rather than risk social instability, the party prefers to hand over to the courts only a small percentage of party members who have received party sanctions. For example, in 2009 over 1,300,000 reports of corruption by Party members were received by party discipline organs; however, only 140,000 were filed for party investigation, of which over 100,000 were punished internally. No number was given for the cases eventually handed over to procuracies, although the figures for this category in preceding years are all small fractions of the number of cases punished internally.”

“Where to Find Political Reform in China” April 19, 2013, 11:40 AM By Yiyi Lu
“The Chinese Communist Party is often criticized for refusing to carry out political reforms, a charge the Party routinely denies. While it is true that systemic reforms that reshape existing political institutions and processes have yet to take place, travel outside the capital and you’ll find no shortage of local-level trials and experiments with political reform.”

“Apple Named in China Porn App Investigation”- * April 17, 2013, 5:35 PM
– Paul Mozur, with contributions from Yang Jie
WSJ-China Real Time Reporter
“The Chinese government is better known for its crackdowns on politically sensitive content, but it has also long sought to keep pornography off the web in China. To accomplish this quixotic task, it has launched repeated campaigns to block illicit material online, shuttered hundreds of websites and blog accounts, and even called Internet executives into industry-wide meetings to call for greater vigilance. Occasionally the Chinese government will use bans on pornography to censor politically sensitive content, according to analysts.”
“But on Sina Corp. ’s Weibo microblog Wednesday, others showed there is room for quite a bit of give and take on the issue in China. One user, Dao-Chu-Pao, quipped, “I sincerely ask [the People’s Daily] about their Appstore porn search methods! It’s too hard to find! How did the People’s Daily find it?”

“The omnipotent, vigilant spirit of The Chairman will guard against smutty Apple apps!”

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