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1BOM-Posted on Thursday 9 May 2013
“I don’t mention my pet peeve [negative categorical comments] much because it is so much a part of the very issue on the table. It’s the kind of simplification people do when they’re angry, and there’s every reason in the world to see the occasion of the DSM-5 release as a cause for anger. Even bigger than that, it’s the down side of a Taxonomy itself. In Medicine, we categorize sick people in order to hone in on the problem, to help figure out the appropriate direction for treatment. But it’s labeling, just like critics say it is. And one charge against the DSM-5 is that the labeling has been manipulated to serve other motives: the use of medications, the access to services, legal status, due process, psychiatric hegemony, insurability, etc. So my whining about being included in the category that “thinks…” something I don’t happen to think would be to miss the whole point of the criticism.”

Summation-don’t perform the happy dance for the demise of the DSM-5.the maligancy translates to other institutions who have their own agendas and interpretations of the DSM-5


“But if we accept that the Board of GSK and other companies are populated with people just like you and me, who are perhaps even less likely to break the law than you or I, the $3 Billion fine for GSK notwithstanding, then the problem must stem from and the remedy lie in the system.” Dr. David Healy

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