“Survey of New York City Resident Physicians on Cause-of-Death Reporting, 2010”

Barbara A. Wexelman, MD, MBA; Edward Eden, MD; Keith M. Rose, MD

Suggested citation for this article: Wexelman BA, Eden E, Rose KM. Survey of New York City Resident Physicians on Cause-of-Death Reporting, 2010. Prev Chronic Dis 2013;10:120288. DOI:
“A total of 521 residents from 38 residency programs participated (program response rate, 54%). We identified 178 (34%) high-volume respondents. Only 33.3% of all respondents and 22.7% of high-volume residents believed that cause-of-death reporting is accurate. Of all respondents, 48.6% had knowingly reported an inaccurate cause of death; 58.4% of high-volume residents had done so. Of respondents who indicated they reported an inaccurate cause, 76.8% said the system would not accept the correct cause, 40.5% said admitting office personnel instructed them to “put something else,” and 30.7% said the medical examiner instructed them to do so; 64.6% cited cardiovascular disease as the most frequent diagnosis inaccurately reported.”

*Prominant Ethical Utterances*

(highly contagious moo-nosis)

“As a member of this Research Institution’s IRB and psychiatrist I could, perhaps, perscribe some nice pills for your problems with “ethical ambiguity”…have you been …smoking too much lately?”
(cow-wiki media)

“We called this chapter “The Law Today.” It should rightly be
called ‘There Is No Law.” “
“A small sheet of paper, 12 centimeters by 18. Declaring the
living “rehabilitated” and the dead “dead.” The date of decease
there is no way of checking. Death occurred at— a big capital “Z”
(meaning “in prison”). Cause of death — you can leaf through a
hundred of them and find the same “disease of the day/* 3 Some-
times the names of (bogus) witnesses are added.

While the real witnesses all remain silent

We … are silent”
-The Gulag Archipelago Vol III
Aleksandr L Solzhenitsyn

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