“The “Don’t” campaign and Kak, 1973″

Dr. R.Littler-Scarfolk Council
Thursday, 9 May 2013
“This public information poster is from the “Don’t” campaign, which started in 1973.

The council became increasingly concerned that citizens were too actively involved in ‘doing.’
Because ‘doing’ is a morally and politically ambiguous activity the council decided to take control and enforced ‘not doing’ until they could clarify and ratify only positive, socially acceptable expressions of ‘doing.’

The campaign’s mascot was called Kak the bird. To disseminate the ‘Don’t’ message among the youth, all school corporal punishment, daily vaccinations, and dentistry had to be carried out by an adult dressed as Kak.

Parents were also encouraged to dress as Kak then rush in on their young, sleeping children at 3am, and screech as loudly as they could: “Don’t, don’t, don’t.”


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