“Talk Therapy for Schizophrenia”

by Phil on May 14, 2013-Behaviorism and Mental Health

“Apparently Vermont’s Department of Mental Health is promoting a “new” kind of treatment for psychosis: talk therapy. The project leader is Dr. Sandra Steingard, who for most of her career accepted the orthodox view of schizophrenia and the need for neuroleptic drugs.

But then an interesting thing happened. She read Robert Whitaker’s book Anatomy of an Epidemic. One of the highlights of Robert’s book was the notion that the loss of brain tissue, which psychiatry had long insisted was a consequence of schizophrenia, was actually caused by the neuroleptic drugs.”
Bravo, go Vermont! It appears to be a small proof of concept program. If successfull some of those patients could lead more normal lives-even going back to work etc.

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