“How technology redefines norms”

“Reasonable resistance to the upending of cultural mores is not “technopanic” “
12:40 PM – May 20, 2013-By Felix Salmon-Columbia Journalism Review
“My point here is that technology has a tendency to create its own norms. The classic example is the automobile — a technology which kills more than 30,000 Americans every year. From the 1930s through the 1990s, societal norms about who roads belonged to, and what people should do on them, were turned on their head thanks to the new technology. The dangerous new activity allowed by the new technology became the privileged norm, to the point at which just about all other road-based activity — and roads have been around for thousands of years, remember, since long before the automobile — essentially ceased to exist. Eventually, we reached the point at which elected representatives were happy saying that if a bicyclist gets killed by a car, it’s the bicyclist’s fault for being on the road in the first place.”


Example during 1920s the change in bike tech happened and the bicycles were seen more as “toys”.

Changes in the tech affected the size of lawns, thus lots sizes. A repeating pattern.

The projection of technology, that presentation, is usually without regard for negative consequences. We need to consider those consequences early on for the more sensitive technologies.

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