“DSM-5: Caught between Mental Illness Stigma and Anti-Psychiatry Prejudice”

By Jeffrey A. Lieberman | May 20, 2013 |-Scientific American

“When psychiatry did make its first forays into medical treatment, it used crude instruments like strait jackets, cold packs, fever induction, insulin shock therapy and psycho-surgery. The underlying theories for the causes of these illnesses at the time were also wrong; it was largely about blaming the parents.

However, that was then and now is now. The scientific foundation of psychiatric medicine has grown by leaps and bounds in the last fifty years. The emergence of psychopharmacology, neuroimaging, molecular genetics and biology, and the disciplines of neuroscience and cognitive psychology have launched our field into the mainstream of medicine and on a course for future growth and success.”

““When psychiatry did make its first forays into medical treatment, it used crude instruments like” (emphasis)

“The Origins of Coercion in “Assertive Community Treatment” (ACT)”-Tomi Gomory,PhD




continuing the article:
“For this reason, I am especially shocked when other clinicians—psychologists, social workers, even, in some cases, primary care docs who would rather just dispense psychiatric meds themselves—side with anti-psychiatry forces without realizing these people are “against” them, too. These strange anti-mental health bedfellows include a series of contemporary psychiatrists and psychologists who have fashioned platforms for self-promotion from their critical positions on psychiatry and DSM-5.

But, when it comes to medical illness, the “enemy of your enemy” is not always your friend.”

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