“When does Yes mean No”

David Healy May 28, 2013
How informed consent became a cover for the companies.

NAMI stakeholders advisory group:

With highly valued research subject-the longitudal studies-what line seperates “thereputic leisioning ” and “mutilation”?
How do you classify such things-secondary benefince or social justice?
When the objective science breaks down could we turn toward an objective system that places a research subject in with a voice?

“While there is no ‘one size fits all’ route for JLA priority setting, the following are integral features of all JLA Priority Setting Partnerships:

* the principle of patients, carers and clinicians working together
* methodological transparency
* the declaration of interests
* working with the UK Database of Uncertainties about the Effects of Treatments (UK DUETs)”

You see the answer to Beecher’s question could be multiple choice and the burden of research could have been shouldered by all involved-not by just the patients.

Or patients creating more patients for the sole purpose of material gain.

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