“the enemy of my enemy might be..”

An unlikely pie in the face but in a good way.

Pie #2-U.of T.

Pie #3
“University of Texas officials have confirmed to me that Madhukar Trivedi is under investigation for potential research misconduct.”
under comments here-Nancy Wilson (read the article as well-very worth the read)

This is’nt so difficult to understand when:

“Gambling on the side effects of antidepressants: Does Pfizer play dice?”-RXisk (David Healy)
“I contacted Pfizer and I asked if they knew that Efexor could possibly cause gambling and sexual misconduct and they responded with, ‘oh yes we knew that, 0.8% of people will get that’,” he said. Pfizer informed Paul these dangers were presented as a possible side effect in the medication packaging under the umbrella term “uninhibited behaviours”.

“How am I supposed to know what an ‘uninhibited behaviour’ was?” he said. “What a cloaking of an evil thing is that? That could be me parachuting or hang gliding or running down the beach with Speedos on! How was I to know it was going to be the type of addictive behaviours that would ruin my life?”

“Betting your brains on antidepressants” Billion James

Do you believe that .8% figure?

Try 23% according to this (pg 7)
“Dopamine Agonists for Takers”

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